Getting Started with SuiteFleet

This page will help you get started with SuiteFleet API.

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It's important to know that all the requests should be authorized and client id should be provided along with all requests in the header.


  • There are two environments, one for testing and the other for production.
EnvironmentBase URL


  • Username for production is different from the development environment.
  • Users will be created from the OpsPortal and the user will receive an email to set his/her password.

Client ID

  • Client ID should be provided by your administrator or in the welcome email.
  • If you purchased the sandbox, you can use it by replacing the Client ID with "sandbox". To get access to the sandbox please contact your account manager.


Sandbox Environment

The sandbox environment is a mimic from the production environment.


Merchant Login

Merchants will have access to certain endpoints, basically the Task endpoints. And they are required to provide the customer id along with each request as a query parameter. For more details please click here.